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Teacher Information

We have prepared forms to aid teachers and group leaders on the many aspects of aviation and airports for their curriculums and class programs.  Click HERE to see our educational mission statement.



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The current WEATHER for this area.

Teachers Narrative - (Weather Systems)

Weather Systems

Anatomy of Flight

Cold Weather Survival



Solar Energy - Part 1

Solar Energy - Part 2



General Aviation Activities

Parts of a Plane - Info Sheet

Parts of a Plane - Images Only

Plane Recognition Points

The Wright Flyer

Wing Design

Engine Design

Aircraft Engines

How a Radial Engine Works

Internal Combustion Rotary Engines

Range of General Aviation Activities

Material Testing for Reliability & Safety

Airmail Intercontinental

Airspace and Traffic Control

Glider Operation

The First Airshow in Minnesota

What Makes a Hot Air Balloon Gain Lift

Heroes of Aviation

Heroes of Aviation - John Thorp

Heroes of Aviation - Walter Bullock

The Future of Air Navigation System

Parts of an Airport



Discoveries In Art

Similarities with Eye and Camera

Teachers Network - Edison


The Compass-Past & Present

Navigate with GPS - Part 1

Design and Development

What Is STEM

Un-Lock STEM

Milk Based Adhesives

From Timber Baron to a Better Airplane

Eye Care - The Invisible Adversaries

Pulse Doppler Illustration

History of Radar

Flight To Mimic Birds

The Wild Blue Yonder then & now



MN Flyer - BAPG Story-2

MN Flyer - BAPG Story-3

MN Flyer - BAPG STEM program

MN Flyer - BAPG Story-1

Pioneer Press


ABC Newspapers

ISD 11 In The Know Newsletter



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