7629 Lakeside Rd. NE

Fridley, MN 55432



About A.C.A.A

As a working airfield we need a greater exposure to the public and to promote our value to the community.



 ·   Awareness campaign to open the gate on our potential in bringing

      economic growth to the airport.

 ·   Promote the economic impact of our airfield to our community

      during and through airfield events.

 ·   Promote a greater participation in aviation education.

 ·   Raise awareness of career opportunities.


The aviation industry is predicted to triple in size by 2020.  Highly skilled professionals will be needed to fill this growing workforce. General aviation is the largest part of the aviation industry.  There are over 5,100 general aviation airports nationwide where general aviation aircraft can land to conduct business.  There are only 500 airports nationwide that have air carrier service.  Seventy percent of all airline flights go through only 30 airports.


Airports provide jobs and bring money to our community where we live.  Minnesota’s airports contribute more than $12.1 billion to the state’s economy and provides nearly 165,000 jobs that produce $6.4 billion in labor income.  Minnesota’s small and medium airports bring more than $433 million to the state’s economy. 4,000 jobs in these small to medium airports produce approximately $184 million in labor income.


(June 2010 Airport Economic Impact Study, by the University of Minnesota)



Click HERE to watch a 2 minute video about the Airport



Group Members:

Currently the B.A.P.G. meets on a monthly basis.  A representative from each of the following aviation entities attend meetings and assist in off-site events and activities.


Harvey Karth - Founder and group Leader

Roger Hansen - Education Coordinator


Anoka County Aviation Association

Aviation Medical Minnesota

Bolduc Aviation Specialized Aviation Serv.

Cirrus Flight Operations

Civil Air Patrol

Golden Wings Museum

Key Air

Metropolitan Airports Commission

Minnesota Helicopter


Twin Cities Aviation